About Gemma

Gemma Mawdsley is a full time author living in Limerick. Though first published at the tender age of ten-years-old in a local newspaper, she wrote many stories over the years just as a hobby, and did not think about getting published until completing a two year course on creative writing in the University of Limerick. 

She then went on to further study in the Kilaloe Hedge School of Writing. She started working full time as a writer  in 2006, she was short listed by Waterstones in their search for a children’s writer.

Her speciality is Paranormal/Horror and she has been referred to as Ireland’s Mistress of the Macabre.

Her novel, The Paupers’ Graveyard, was published in March 2009 and was an instant best seller. She is currently working on her 8th manuscript. Gemma also write a blog and the stories featured in her blog are based on fact.

She is also working with the Irish Paranormal group Soul Searchers, and is putting their investigations into book form Keep watching Gemma's blog for further updates  

Wolf Howling at moon
Scary Boy

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