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The Banshee, a feared creature of myth and   legend, a harbinger of Death, whose cry has echoed through time haunting countless generations with her dreadful wail, as she searches for an end to her suffering.   

Born with the power of Angels and pursued by the very Devil himself, eighteen-year-old Annie, is forced to watch the destruction of all she loves before being tortured and burned at the stake for refusing to hand over her powers. With her last breath, she curses the man who has helped to bring about her death and promises hers will be the last voice he and his descendants will ever hear.    

Now, in the 21st century, the last in his line is about to become her prey. Like those who have gone before he is a cruel, heartless man, who believes him indestructible, but he had one major weakness, he is without male heir. Only when he is dead, can Annie finally find peace and there is nothing on earth can stop her.      

When eight-year-old Bobby, wins the amazing prize of a month at an exclusive summer school in a manor house in the country, he has no idea that all his secret dreams are about to come true. The prize includes a friend and he chooses to take his little sister along with him.     

The manor belongs to the Greyleigh Family whose ancestor, Sir Walter, was a famous Knight. His descendants set up a trust whereby twenty underprivileged children are awarded a month of luxury living based on their reason for wanting to be there, and Bobby has many reasons The house is exactly as he imagined it to be, and the suit of armour that once belonged to Sir Walter and now standing proud in the great hall, fascinates him, but there other things within the manor that are not so nice.    

Even though the present Lord Richard is kind to him, the butler Mr Roberts and housekeeper Mrs Wilson willing allies, it’s the other children who make life difficult for him. The rich boys and girls, whose parents paid a fortune to send their children to this exclusive school, resent anyone unlike them and not wearing the latest in fashion and trainers. So Bobby goes from one set of bullies to another.   

Some  secrets  refuse  to  be hidden and there are some souls that  will  not remain dead.Old  industrial  schools  and orphanages hidden from sight in the depths of the Irish countryside, remain. There are many such unmapped sites, desolate spots, on lonely stretches of road that the locals still whisper about late at night and cross themselves in fear.

The grounds are rutted with the footprints of  wandering  cattle,  but  no  human  dare  enter,  as  primeval instinct  warns there is something  beneath  the earth, waiting. Many of these buildings still stand, some have fallen into decay, their  ruins  visible  among the tangled overgrowth, but all house a terrible secret.

The  very  aura  warns that these are places of deep unrest. Their walls still echo with  the  screams of the ravaged and the leering sniggers of the men who heard  the  children’s last cries of pain.  No longer  hidden by  the cloak of the church, the story  and the suffering of a  generation of lost children emerge.  Children  unwanted  or deemed criminal by a cruel society were sent to these dreadful places, these concentration  camps of  the soul.  Sarah flees from the ghosts of her past. In renting the gate lodge of a long  abandoned  school, she crosses a bridge of time and is confronted with the suffering and sacrifices that took place  within the school.   

Whispers,the book the Vatican wouldn't like you to read

Though  set  in  the era of  the great Famine,  the   Paupers'  Graveyard    is  much  more  than  a  novel  of  disaster  and  loss.  it  is   a  story  of friendship,  love  and   triumph  over  the  greatest  enemy  of  them  all, Death. There are no  facts and figures  as the story is told  through  the eyes  of a  twelve-year-old boy. Like all children he is aware only of the here and now and  his  story  is  told  with  openness  and  honestly.  It  tells  of   friendship between a lady of the manor, Elizabeth and twelve-year-old  stable boy, Timmy.        

Elizabeth reduced in circumstances, her only crime her inability to produce a male heir. Has just enough money to send her daughters to America aboard one of the dreaded coffin ships. This selfless act will one day prove to be Ireland's salvation. Timmy, orphaned by the famine, finds comfort in his friendship with Elizabeth and together they rescue the sick and homeless children they find on the roads.    

Pursued by their enemy, Black Jack Carey, they move in endless flight from place to place, trying to evade him. Their journey takes us from the quiet of the rolling countryside to the squalor of the workhouse and finally to the paupers' graveyard where they lie in restless sleep.    

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